“just spectacular…”
“We hosted a wedding shower and our guests loved the big indoor-outdoor space. The doors make the house perfect for entertaining.”
– Dr. Teryn Clarke, homeowner
“people stop and stare…”
“It’s not just a product. It lets me enjoy a lifestyle.”
– Howard Giller, homeowner
“All the profiles are the same width and interlock with each other — that makes the product incredibly versatile”.
– Rick Salter, builder and dealer
“People are amazed…”
“the efficiency is amazing…”
“People walk in and they are awed.”
– Sharon Newman, homeowner
“Their doors never fail to impress.”
– Colin Sherman, owner, Five.9 design
“their products confer quality and solidity…”
“I’m able to provide our owners with a great glazing solution that I know fundamentally will fit into their budget and still meet their expectations.”
– CP Drewett, architect
“Western’s pretty tough to beat…”
“We have six 12-foot-tall by 6-foot- wide panel windows that are thermally sound and very energy efficient.”
– Dean Papadopoulos, homeowner
“zero maintenance…”